Cheryl Lee

Cheryl Lee has been an Administrator / Accountant all of her professional career.  Cheryl and her husband have raised five children in the Adelaide CBD and as the children became more independent Cheryl rediscovered her love of music and uncovered a previously unknown passion for radio.  Cheryl Lee loves music, particularly Australian music and loves talking to people, and has … Read More

Mike Royans

Joining COAST FM in 2019 has fulfilled a boyhood dream from my younger days of playing my sisters’ vinyl 45’s on our radiogram. I also wanted to play music that brought back memories of “the good old days” to people who are struggling with remembering the past. From John Williams & Hans Zimmer to  ABBA and Babs, my musical passion … Read More


Child of the 50’s and denizen of the dark hours before dawn, Jacques is a newcomer to Adelaide’s 88.7 Coast FM, having graduated the training program in early 2023. A lover of chrome bumper era cars of Aussie, US and Italian manufacture, architecture and aircraft, Australian Kelpie dogs, SANFL footy tragic and general all-around Francophile, Jacques loves music from many … Read More

Arthur Saridakis

G’day Coasters! I’m Arthur Saridakis. Having joined the family of Coast FM Radio presenters, I have the privilege of playing a variety of musical entertainment for the listeners in our local radio community at Coast FM. Join me for a musical menu of Rock, Pop, and a little Dancing music each and every Tuesday from Midnight to 3 am for … Read More

Ray Hann

Hi, Ray Hann here.  I present Monday Drive from 4pm to 6pm.  I have been with CoastFM for 4 years and I am thoroughly enjoying myself. I have always had a passion for music especially music ranging from the 60’s right through to the 80’s.  My passion continued through always wanting to become a DJ and CoastFM has given me the opportunity to … Read More


Hi, I’m Paul Schiller. I have been with Coast FM since 2015, and for a period of time hosted my own swing and jazz programme called ” Schiller’s Swingin’ Safari “. Unfortunately due to a change in my personal circumstances, I had to give away my regular timeslot, and I currently fill-in for other presenters where I can. This gives … Read More


Stuey Shaw presents Rock Relics on Friday night from 8 to 10pm. Rock Relics features mainly music from the 1960s, with special focus on rarely heard songs, as well as some B sides and album tracks. A highlight is the midway four play, a four song suite by a chosen act including a brief history, at around 9pm. Oh, and … Read More


Lynette was the secretary of the board in 2022 when she returned from Tasmania. Her first ever show at CoastFM was 3 hrs of disco! The Mixed Bag was the name of her previous program. Join Lynette on Friday nights from midnight to 3am for the Wright Mix. You will be sure to hear some of your favourites from the … Read More


Jay J. became interested in music at a very young age. He has had over 40 years as a solo artist and playing in bands on the Australian Country Music Circuit. He has always had a passion for radio and enjoys all the classic hits from the 50’s to the 90’s together with all forms of country music, such as … Read More


Hi, I’m Brian. As a baby-boomer, the music I enjoy listening to and playing on air is from the ’50s, ’60s & ’70s. My favourite artist is Bobby Darin. My involvement with Coast FM started on 31st August 2003. My biggest thrill so far has been interviewing Connie Francis (twice) and Barbara Orbison. Programming the show takes me about 3 … Read More


Hi everybody, I’m Brenton Chappell and I’ve been with Adelaide’s 88.7 Coast FM since 2013. My interest in music began in the late 60s with a 45 rpm record called “Penny Lane” by the Beatles. This interest rapidly grew one day when I was listening to “Turn Up Your Radio” (because that’s all we had, a radio!) by the Master’s … Read More


Bob Bobrige brings a new voice to Coast. As you can see from his pic this man has a lot of fun bringing you. Listen to Bob every Tuesday afternoon on Drive between 4.00 and 6.00pm. Professionally involved in Bands and Groups from the 60s through to the 90s and loving every minute of it. Particularly enjoy Country but love … Read More


Ron hosts the Adelaide City Life program at CoastFM every Monday from 6pm to 8pm. Ron grew up in Elizabeth being of Northern English descent and having a life long interest in all kinds of music and playing in many bands including being lead vocal in Adelaide party band “Rock the Casbah”. Throughout his life he has enjoyed singing and … Read More


I first tuned into the world of commercial music via a crystal set given to me for a birthday present.That was probably around 1960 and I have been a music buff ever since. I volunteered with the St John Ambulance through the 70’s and early 80’s. I also worked as an Enrolled Nurse during this time. I went to Sydney … Read More


My name is Gary Clarke and I have been on air at Coast since 2006 and did the presenters training in 2007. All of that time I have been co-presenting Lost In Time Monday nights 10pm-midnight, and I have still never got one right ha ha. A creature of the night. I have also done over 200 fill ins (occasionally … Read More


G’Day Folks, I began with Coast FM in 1988, volunteering in the office and generally making a nuisance of myself.  I was invited to do the presenter training in 2010, and in 2011 went to air for the first time with a program I called “Tracks Of Our Years”.  This quickly became “Back Tracks”, and it ran for nearly four years.   In 2016 … Read More


Tune into Roy every Monday between 9 a.m. – 12 a.m. for great music, interesting interviews and musical history of the day and finishing off with the top 3 singles for this week from the 50s, 60s and early 70s. Roy has a passion for music and has always wanted to be a DJ from an early age and now … Read More


I am very passionate about the local and Australian new release music to support the local artists that don’t really get airplay anywhere other than Community Radio. The name of the show has also evolved to The Sound Cage Live Sessions as all the interviews are live to air not pre-recorded. During the lock down I was doing a massive … Read More


Born in Liverpool UK. My only claim to fame is that I sat in the same seat used byPaul McCartney when he attended my school some years earlier. I was a Beatles fan from an early age, but I do love most music from the 50’s to the 90’s I came to Adelaide when I was 14 and completed my … Read More


Hi I’m Dan The Baldman, and you can catch up with me every Saturday at Midday right here on Adelaide’s Coast FM 88.7 for Coast Hits. My aim is to keep you well entertained on your Saturday afternoon with middle of the road Top 40 hits. Here are some of the artists you’ll hear – The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, … Read More


Hi, Peter here I am a Coast FM tragic and love presenting music from the fifties to the present. I am a retired Tax Agent and now doing what I love, that is bringing music to the radio. My lovely wife Jill is on air with me keeping me on the straight and narrow.


I have been involved with Adelaide Coast FM since I began a training course in 2015. I presented “Dancing in The Moonlight” between 3am-6am, every Tuesday Morning and later I began presenting the Saturday Breakfast Show, “Breakfast at Joy’s Place”, which I still present. I am a retired English/History Teacher, and I have taught in country and city High Schools. … Read More


I’m Rob Cooper, a recent addition to the Coast FM team. Lucky to have lived and worked overseas for more than a quarter of a century, I’ve grown up influenced by the music of a number of cultures and from eras ranging from the fifties to the current decade. I try to share that musical diversity, often showcasing acts that … Read More


My musical life adventure came from listening to the radio during the 1960’s, seeing the interstate bands at local dances and enjoying the best touring super groups while experiencing the best Australian bands at the Sunbury Rock Festival in the 1970’s. From a time when everybody bought a guitar hoping to be in a band that made it big, when … Read More


We have both been involved with various bands and the music scene here in SA since our teenage years and grew up with the sounds of the ’60s and ’70s. Our other love of the early ’50s eventually led us to our current passion for the raw “roots” music that is known as “Rockabilly” and it’s great to see and … Read More


Hi, I’m Zeljka and I take great pride in presenting ” Friday Drive ” for your listening pleasure. I have been at Coast for 4 years and enjoying every minute. Previously I have worked in the entertainment business on stage, television and film. You can join me every Friday from 4.00pm to 6.00pm for some great music. I put a … Read More


I grew up with the music of the Fifties, and listened to the Hit Parades at every opportunity. I loved the music from the likes of Guy Mitchell & Nat King Cole, Patti Page & Teresa Brewer, and all the rest of those great, great performers. Then after seeing Johnny O’Keefe at one of Lee Gordon’s “Big Shows”, I was … Read More


My interest in music has been life long, my eldest brother played in a band and I learnt to play acoustic guitar in High School (sadly didn’t keep it up). I was in musical theatre for over 20 years, love to dance and I sing in a choir. I always have music playing in the house and car. When I … Read More


My life took a step to the left a couple of years after retirement. I wanted to volunteer but was not sure what I wanted to do or what it would look like. And then Coast FM came along, putting out the call for new presenters to complete the training course and take up a career in radio…perfect. This was … Read More


Hello there, I’m Malcolm Hill and I present Thursday Deluxe 8 – 10pm. It is not a request show. It is based on a simple but strong belief that I have.. I believe there is only two kinds of music. Music you like and music you don’t. As a result I only play music with a beat, that’s what I … Read More


Judith grew up in the New England area of Northern N.S.W. not far from Tamworth, surrounded by country music. As a teenager she moved to Sydney and joined the folk club circuit. In late 1991 Judith was invited to do an interview about her band ” Key Country” at Coast FM which at that time was an aspirant station on … Read More


Mark Constable has been with Coast FM since 1990. He has been an avid record and music collector since the age of 14 and also studied both pop culture and history of the 50s, 60s and 70s music. He also enjoys music from the 80’s. His program Beatbox is simply singalong pop and rock from the 50s to the 80s … Read More


Dave Hearn has been a member and presenter at Coast FM for over 20 years. He currently presents Thursday Coast Magazine 9am to 12 noon. Dave is currently a member of the Board of Management and has served on the Board and the Program Committee over the 20 years. Dave was a Police Officer in South Australia for 40 years … Read More


Bruce was a police officer for 50 years and in those years spent time on 5AA, ABC and FreshFM radio answer questions and providing information to listeners. On retirement he now drives for the Cancer Council and Onkaparinga Community Bus. His experience and ability to communicate are valued in his volunteering roles and of course on air at Adelaide’s CoastFM. … Read More


Join Gary every Wednesday from 8.00pm to 10.00pm when he presents ” THE BEAT GOES ON” Great music for all the listeners and featuring Gary’s bright personality and obvious love of music which comes through on the airwaves. Give him a ring on 8371 1000 and let him know you are enjoying his show.


Hi everyone my name is Robert Cortazzo and welcome to my page. I started at 88.7 Adelaide’s Coast FM in around September of 2019. I had a calling to do something positive with my life after I retired from my work of 39 years with Telstra as a Duty Manager/Technical Expert which I have very fond memories and have made … Read More


Michael is our youngest presenter at Coast. Join him every Wednesday night from 6.00pm – 7.00pm.


Host of Those Were The Daze, Wednesday’s at noon. The music I most like to play is from the mid to late 60’s. However I don’t think there is an era or genre that does not have something to offer in great music. I arrived at CoastFM in early 2011 after 40 years as an Engineer on cargo ships. I … Read More


In March 2015 Rob retired from Wednesday Breakfast after 16 wonderful years and commenced presenting Wednesday Morning Magazine in June 2015. Rob continues to play music primarily from the 60s and 70s which he is passionate about and includes lots of vinyl. In this new time slot Rob is thoroughly enjoying chatting to lots of interesting folk and a highlight … Read More


Steve McNally has been involved with community radio since 1984 and since the mid 90s has hosted Tuesday Coast Magazine on Coast FM…..he was also part of Adelaide commercial radio between 1985 and 1993 working at 5AD,5KA,KA-FM and SA-FM…. he has run his own mobile DJ Business since 1977 which caters for all types of functions including Karaoke…Steve has 2 … Read More


Married to Judy with three adult children and five “grandies”. Retired secondary school teacher (predominately P.E.) – still doing occasional relief teacher days and passionate about sport, but these days mainly restricted to cycling. Busy keeping up with family, volunteer work and Church commitments. Music has always been a passion from early teenage years – drummer for a number of … Read More


What can be said about this man who presents Backtracks every Wednesday at 2pm. A great variety of music from the past including rock ‘n’ roll. Have a listen to Backtracks on Wednesday 2pm to 4pm, you won’t be disappointed.


I’m Christine, your host on The Orange Blossom Special every Sunday 2pm to 4pm. As a dancer I love the Lindy Hop and Rockabilly and that is reflected in the music I play, from the 40s and & 50s up to today, in the style of those eras. My first record album, given to me in 1964, was Rob E.G’s … Read More


Phil has been a qualified presenter here at Coast-FM for around 15 years. Phil’s large collection of music from ’50s to the ’70s keeps him busy listening and selecting music for his shows. Phil loves his rock and roll and can be seen at most venues around town as he sometimes dances with several women at once. Now that is … Read More


After hosting the popular Breakfast Program, Good Morning Good Morning for 13 years, Brenton and Shiona made the change to Friday Coast Magazine in March 2019. Tune in for 3 hours of fun in this program that looks outside the square. Featuring the F word ( for fun Friday ) you will enjoy music that is just a little different, … Read More


Hi Coast FM listeners, I’m Roger Davey and I’m very happy to be a part of this great community radio station. I joined Coast FM in 2014, and graduated from the presenters training course in early 2015. I’m the presenter of the “Sunday Breakfast” program, on Sunday mornings between 6 AM and 9 AM. I love most genres of music, … Read More


I love music of any genre, so join me on Sunday nights from 6 to 8 p.m. for ‘Relaxing Interlude’. Music has no era as long as it’s soothing to the ear and relaxing to the soul. Sharing it with listeners is my goal.


I host Bible Spotlight from 8-9pm every Sunday. Every week I have a guest interviewee or two to present on a relevant and practical Bible topic. If you’re new to the Bible or a seasoned pro I’m sure you’ll enjoy our discussions and gain a deeper insight into what this book means for today. I look forward to your company … Read More


Hi, I’m Les Sobieraj and I’ve been a presenter at CoastFM since March 2007. Join me on Thursdays from 10pm to midnight for the hard rock and heavy metal program ‘For Those About to Rock (FTATR).’   You’ll hear both contemporary and past hard rock/metal songs from artists such as Rammstein, Krokus, AC/DC, Great White, Deep Purple, Accept, Nightwish, Black Sabbath, Marilyn … Read More


Peter’s career in broadcasting spans over 20 years. He commenced his radio journey in 1976 when he attended the Vaughan Harvey School of Broadcasting at 5KA. This ultimately led to his first job in radio at 5RM in Berri. Radio was all he ever wanted to do and to be successful in realising his dream was very exciting and satisfying. … Read More


I have been on-air at Coast FM since November 2012. Music has always been a large part of my life, and I enjoy researching artists and learning about their music and their life, which is very useful to add some trivia that our listeners will find entertaining and interesting. Please join me every Thursday from 4.00pm to 6.00pm on ‘THURSDAY … Read More


I host 4.00 – 6.00pm every Sunday afternoon. First introduced to Coast by my son, Chris, from early days at O’Halloran Hill, and have been a listener ever since. I am very passionate about music, and must have it in my life each day. I have been in nursing for most of my working life, and am still employed in … Read More


Hello, I’m Anastasia Debono. I volunteer at the best community radio station in the greatest city in the world. Adelaide born and bred just like Frog Cakes, I’m a long time Coast FM listener, completed Coast FM’s presenter’s course in 2019 and have been passionately producing programs ever since. When I’m on-air I like to play easy listening classics and … Read More


I love a wide variety of music with my favourite decades being the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. I have a bit of a soft spot for 70’s rock, and I have grown up listening to artists such as The Rollings Stones, The Cars, The Doobie Brothers, Fleetwood Mac, ELO, Elton John, and one of my favourite bands of all time … Read More


Hi everyone, I am a retired nurse living near the city with my wife of 40 years, Sarah. We have 3 children and 3 grandchildren to keep us busy along with our volunteering and other interests. I have a passion for most sports especially golf, motor cars both classic and moderns, travel (bad luck here), gardening at home and of … Read More


Having grown up as a teenager in the 70’s early 80’s, this is my favourite period of music. Since becoming involved with Coast FM in 2012 and listening to the music I have developed a love of the 60’s, especially the Mersey beat which includes the Beatles.


Howdy, I’m Bob Lindow. I am a volunteer at Coast FM, and I love it. As well as doing a “day job” in the office on Thursdays, I present My Wonderful World at 2pm on Monday afternoons, where I play great music from wonderful artists such as Mark Knopfler, Paul Simon, Jackson Browne, Bonnie Raitt, John Fogerty, Emmylou Harris, Elvis, … Read More


Hello ! I’ve been a member and presenter at CoastFM since 2014. I host Pump Up The Volume on alternate Friday nights from 10pm to midnight. The music I play is mostly influenced from my passion for blues and rock across the decades from the late 60’s onwards. Some of my favourite musicians and bands include Stevie Ray Vaughan, Jimi … Read More


Mel Tickle (aka “The Godfather of Groove”) presents “A Touch of Jazz” each Sunday fortnight 9pm to midnight. The show presents jazz in all its various styles –early New Orleans mainstream/traditional, the smooth stylings of 60’s cool/bebop and the work of contemporary performers. Mel’s has a deep musical heritage. All his family were all performers and appreciators. Growing up he … Read More


Jimbo’s Jumbo Jukebox with Jim Inglis


I have been presenting the Sportscap show for around 17 years and have a love of all sports with my number 1 being cricket. I have previously been on the Coast FM Board and am currently on the Adelaide Turf Cricket Board as well as African Charity Voard Tanzeed. I am married with 3 kids and my favourite Music Genre … Read More


I grew up surrounded by a variety of music at home. I learnt the keyboards and played at church wedding ceremonies. Early 2017, I found 88.7 Coast FM and from that moment, I was hooked on community radio and what it offers. I applied for a Presenters Course, passed and soon thereafter, I had my first show in the morning … Read More


I present Blues Before Midnight on Tuesdays 10pm-12 and co-present Motochat, a discussion show about motorcycling and road safety, on Wednesdays 7-8pm. I am a retired teacher and enjoy touring by motorcycle as often as I can. I have toured in India, Peru, Bolivia and New Zealand as well as extensively in Australia. I live with my dog, a kelpie/border-collie … Read More