Ron hosts the Adelaide City Life program at CoastFM every Monday from 6pm to 8pm. Ron grew up in Elizabeth being of Northern English descent and having a life long interest in all kinds of music and playing in many bands including being lead vocal in Adelaide party band “Rock the Casbah”. Throughout his life he has enjoyed singing and playing the drums. Ron brings his love of music to his Adelaide City Life program and relishes the opportunity to interview interesting local people from musicians to politicians in Adelaide and afar who often have amazing life stories to tell. Ron returns to the airwaves after having a history with radio, kicking off with RadioActive, a student radio station he formed with his life long friend Gary Lewis. Both Ron and Gary and others then went on to form a commercial holiday station called Radio Taupo. During these radio years, Ron was also studying law at Victoria University, Wellington New Zealand in the mid to late 1970’s and is now a practising lawyer and musician in South Australia.