Hi everyone my name is Robert Cortazzo and welcome to my page. I started at 88.7 Adelaide’s Coast FM in around September of 2019. I had a calling to do something positive with my life after I retired from my work of 39 years with Telstra as a Duty Manager/Technical Expert which I have very fond memories and have made long life friends of which I still see today often.

I have a very strong passion for music having grown up with it all my life. In my youth I was in the usual bands that a lot of us started and then stopped. Probably a good thing in my case but I still had an affinity for music and bands whether they were local or international. It was great just being able to go out there and listen to them. I love music from 70’s and 80’s particularly from some of my favourite bands being Yes, Supertramp, Genesis, The Beatles, The Eagles, just to name a few. I also have some favourite songwriters and artists, namely Jackson Brown and Warren Zevon. From Australia I really like Paul Kelly and Richard Clapton. You probably will hear a lot of these during a lot of my shows dependent of course on the theme.

At present I go by an alias; “Mr. Movies” on my “At the Movies” show which I present every Wednesday night between 10pm and Midnight. That’s right I also have a passion for films. I noticed that Adelaide’s Coast FM was missing something and I decided that a Movie show playing songs from the movie soundtracks would be a great genre to incorporate in the weekly program and so here I am Mr. Movies from At the Movies presenting songs and soundtracks that you may be all familiar with and perhaps some that you are not, with a movie review every week at 10:45pm.