After hosting the popular Breakfast Program, Good Morning Good Morning for 13 years, Brenton and Shiona made the change to Friday Coast Magazine in March 2019. Tune in for 3 hours of fun in this program that looks outside the square. Featuring the F word ( for fun Friday ) you will enjoy music that is just a little different, Brenton’s Odd Spot, Radio Plays, Shiona’s F word for the day, lots of information on free events in our beautiful state and interviews with charities and events not in the mainstream. Listeners love the banter which obviously comes easy with 2 people comfortable with each other although Brenton does enjoy his 3 hours of power when he is in control (or so he thinks). A fun show on a fun radio station. Voted as one of the best in our great state. Tune in and enjoy community radio at its best. Adelaide’s Coast FM 88.7