I first tuned into the world of commercial music via a crystal set given to me for a birthday present.
That was probably around 1960 and I have been a music buff ever since.

I volunteered with the St John Ambulance through the 70’s and early 80’s. I also worked as an Enrolled Nurse during this time. I went to Sydney and worked in the money markets from 1984, returning to Adelaide with my own business until the late 90’s. I spent 2 years in Broken Hill and 6 years in Adelaide involved with the changes that occurred in the energy markets. I am now semi-retired with a small online business.

I joined Coast FM in April 2017 and I am living a life long dream to play music and present my own program. I used to visit 5KA in Franklin St when I was about 15 hoping that I would one day be noticed and eventually become a radio presenter. Coast FM has made that possible and I hope you enjoy listening to my program, Monday Lunch with Michael J, Monday’s midday – 2pm.

Favourite Australian Singer – Tina Arena
Favourite Australian Band Acca Dacca

Favourite International Singers – Neil Diamond/George Harrison
Favourite International Bands – The Beatles/The Rolling Stones