My life took a step to the left a couple of years after retirement. I wanted to volunteer but was not sure what I wanted to do or what it would look like. And then Coast FM came along, putting out the call for new presenters to complete the training course and take up a career in radio…perfect. This was it. I knew nothing about radio and less about music, but my lack of knowledge did not stop me from having a genuine love of the lyric and a beautiful melody. My world changed in a moment. I really can’t describe, in just a few words, what sort of music I play, but my program on Friday mornings from 3am to 6am describes it best, “aliddlebidahthisnthat”.

I’m as ditzy as they come but I have a lot of fun sharing my personal anecdotes about life and the music I have selected from my own collection, along with some ‘’in-depth’ research to find just that nub of useless information that only a true trivia buff would appreciate.

The time slot is a tough one and not for the faint hearted, but if you are an insomniac, or up and about for any reason, or if you just simply want to get up to listen to aliddlebidahthisnthat, and why wouldn’t you? … I will deliver to you a program chocoblock with gorgeous music. Every week.