I began my radio career at Coast FM back in the 90’s, co-hosting on morning radio & presenting my own Drive Show. I thoroughly enjoyed myself, from taking the all important phone calls & getting to build up a rapport with all the lovely, loyal listeners, to the comical retorts whilst co-hosting, to developing my own listener base with my unique blend of rock, folk, blues, soul & dance music.

Life took me in a different direction for a number of years, writing and recording music, live performance, to an art practice starting out in painting but rapidly moving on to metal sculpture which I now regularly exhibit at Sculptures By The Sea each year. Hence the term the ‘Welding Singer’ as opposed to the ‘Wedding Singer’ gets banded about in jest.

Thankfully I have found my way back home to Coast FM and am so comfortable to be back where it all began, delivering my ‘mixed bag of lollies’ to a grateful audience each week, who offer such lovely feedback. My aim is to make people feel good hence the name of my show, Feel Good Friday with JennyG. Music is my passion in life and it brings me immense pleasure sharing my mixed musical taste with the listener and keeping radio real. Tune in from 2-4pm each Friday. I’d love to have your company.